Accepted Video & Multimedia

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A total of 7 videos were accepted this year:

  • Gadi Aleksandrowicz and Gill Barequet. Redelmeier's Algorithm for Counting Lattice Animals
  • Paul Accisano and Alper Üngör. Geometric Computation with Smart Pixels
  • Thilo Beckmann, Rolf Klein, David Kriesel, and Elmar Langetepe. Ant-Sweep -- A Decentral Strategy for Cooperative Cleaning in Expanding Domains
  • Attila Gyulassy, Joshua A. Levine, and Valerio Pascucci. Visualization of Discrete Gradient Construction
  • Pedro Machado Manhaes de Castro and Olivier Devillers. Point Location Strategies
  • Jack Snoeyink and Vishal Verma. Fitting spheres to electron density
  • Christophe Weibel and Linqiao Zhang. Minimum Perimeter Convex Hull of Imprecise Points in Convex Regions
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