Call for Video & Multimedia

Video and multimedia presentations are sought for the 20th Annual Video and Multimedia Review of Computational Geometry, to accompany the 27th Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry in Paris, France.  This review showcases the use of visualization in computational geometry for exposition and education, for visual exploration of geometry in research, and as an interface and a debugging tool in software development.  Algorithm animations, visual explanations of structural theorems, descriptions of applications of computational geometry, and demonstrations of software systems are all appropriate.

Three to five minutes is ideal for most presentations; eight minutes is the upper limit.  Accepted video and multimedia presentations will have an abstract in the published conference proceedings; video/multimedia authors will have an opportunity to present their work at the Symposium during a dedicated video session.  Accepted presentations will be available online in various formats in a web proceedings.  See for examples of previous years' proceedings.

Submissions of video clips in QuickTime or MPEG-4 compressed formats (e.g., XviD or DivX version 6) are encouraged.  We also encourage submissions of Macromedia Flash, Java applets, and limited forms of other multimedia or software.  These formats must come with a script that will allow them to be distributed in both interactive and canned Quicktime or MPEG video formats.  In case of doubt, please email the Video and Multimedia Program chair.

Each submission should include a one or two-page description of the material shown in the presentation, and where applicable, the techniques used in the implementation.  The final two-page descriptions must be formatted according to the guidelines for ACM proceedings.  LaTeX style files will be provided to authors of accepted presentations.

Video/Multimedia Submission

Submissions should be deposited online where they are accessible through the web or via FTP.  Send email to the Video/Multimedia committee chair, Jonathan Shewchuk, by 23:59 Pacific Standard Time, Friday, February 18, 2011, with the following information:  the names and institutions of the authors, the email address of the corresponding author, and instructions for downloading the submission.

For ease of sharing and viewing, we encourage (but do not require) that each submission be uploaded to YouTube, and that the corresponding URL be included with the submission.

We explicitly encourage video/multimedia submissions that support papers submitted to the Symposium.  Submitted papers and associated video/multimedia submissions will be treated entirely separately by the respective committees: acceptance or rejection of one will not influence acceptance or rejection of the other.

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection, and given reviewers' comments by March 1, 2011.  For each accepted submission, the final version of the 2-page textual description will be due by March 14, 2011 (electronically) for inclusion in the proceedings.  Final versions of accepted video/multimedia presentations will be due April 19, 2011 in the best format available.

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